About Aapri 



Established in 1985, Aapri is the first ever exfoliation brand in the UK market. Aapri is a ‘genuine skincare classic’ that has evolved to suit the market over the years.

Aapri is known for it's no nonsense approach to beautiful skin.


Years of experience in exfoliation has made Aapri bring out the relevant products for our valued consumers.

Aapri has been revived and revitalized to suit the needs of our consumers. Be it the innovation in convenience or innovation in product. Aapri has proved that when it comes to exfoliation, Aapri is an expert.

With five exfoliation products in the range Aapri has something for everyone's needs. Doesn't matter what your skin type is, doesn't matter whether you want daily or deep exfoliation, Aapri has got just the product for you.

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