Apricots andExfoliation

Skin exfoliation is a natural process whereby dead surface skin cells, naturally slough off, and reveal new skin cells.  However, although a natural process, this process can sometimes need assistance AND is almost always improved with assistance. For example, when the skin type is oily, the skin has difficulty exfoliating or sloughing off the dead skin cells, due to the sticky nature of oil.

Skin exfoliation helps to gently and effectively remove dead cells from the skin's surface, stimulating circulation and evening skin tone and texture. Regular skin exfoliation over time can

increase the skin's capacity to absorb moisture, thereby reducing fine lines and diminishing acne.

Why should we exfoliate:

  • •    Removes impurities from the surface of the skin
    •    Helps get rid of the dead skin cell build up on skin
    •    Bring out the natural fresh skin from beneath and add to the radiance
    •    Exfoliation is an important step in the basic routine for good skin care
    •    It aids the natural process of shedding dead cells
    •    It helps get rid of the dead cells
    •    It encourages the new cell growth
    •    Makes other skin care products more effective by improving their absorption
    •    Exfoliation keeps skin looking clean, healthy, more uniform in tone
    •    Before applying certain products like fake tan will result in more even tan

  • Apricots

Apricot is a member of peach family, the wild apricot was discovered on the mountain slopes of China and in the 18th century, and they still grow out there in the mountains. It came westwards on camel caravans to Mediterranean, where it flourished. Spanish explorers planted the golden fruit in the gardens of Spanish missions in California. Apricots feel wonderfully sensuous in the hand. The outside of the fruit has a soft downy or velvety feel, and it is a very delicate fruit with a yellowish orange skin. 

It doesn't only taste wonderful, Apricots contain lots of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A, and which is a well known anti-oxidant. Both these ingredients are excellent for skin. Apricots also have

excellent hydrating and revitalizing properties, making them an excellent addition to your natural skin care routine. Hard crushed nuts of Apricots are great exfoliants and can be used in the daily skin care routine.